03.13.2014 new interface

For more consitent updates, don't forget to visit the M.O.L.D. portal on the Human Social Interface known as Facebook.


09.26.2013 alt.machine

As the work contunes on the revised destruct platform, stay tuned as enhanced hardware appears in the merch area and new release on iTunes to sate that hunger you biolopgical entities constantly experience.


03.30.2012 Compiler executing!

The sequel to M.O.L.D.'s inaugural releaqse, EOF29A is currently being written and recorded with a summer release date planned. Stay tuned for more info.


01.15.2012 Farewell Shredtech!

Machines of Living Death bids a fond farewell to our original string peripheral Cancer. We hope his future endeavors meet with success. Stayed tuned for more info as we recompile the system and look forward to a teaser from the new album!


12.31.2011 Fallout RVA!

M.O.L.D.'s winter campaign with Hanzel und Gretyl came to a brutal ear splitting climax at Fallout RVA. Look for future relations with all involved parties.


10.16.2011 Carnival of Hell one week away!

Only a week left to get your tickets for The @Carnival of HELL at Sinix with Machines of Liivng Death, Ghosts of War and more. Tix available from any M.O.L.D. member or via paypal. This show will be off the hook so DON'T miss it!


10.08.2011 More Uber than Uber!

Mahines Of Living Death will be supporting Hanzel und Gretyl on 2 of their New York dates on Hanzel und Gretyl's " MORE GERMAN THAN GERMAN" TOUR 2011! December 16th in Albany NY and 17th in Kingston NY !! event and maybe more shows to come .. NY is not ready .. FUKKEN UBER !


05.16.2011 Get ready for Judgement Day!

With the rapture supposedly coming this Saturday, we're setting the mood by bringing Judgement Day back to the rotation to set the mood for your post rapture looting!


04.21.2011 M.O.L.D. to provide local support for Celldweller Tour date in Baltimore!

The M.O.L.D. army is expected to be out in force! Full propaganda experience will be on display for this appearance!


02.28.2011 New song of the month coming tomorrow!

The third track off the upcoming album Horrotica goes up tomorrow! Don't forget to get your tickets for our show with the Genitorturer's, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Death Maschine & Dying Design.


02.01.2011 New song of the month is up!

Check out the second track for the new album featuring new vocalist gh0st here!


12.31.2009 New Video for Remix of Judgement Day!

Look in our media section for an awesome new video to commermorate DJGX's brutal remix of Judgement Day.








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