02.27.2017 Post-lordem!

Extra thanks to every human who made it out to see M.O.L.D. play with Lordi and Dogs & Day-Drinkers. An extensive visual record can be viewed here!


07.18.2016 In The News!

Humans that would like a free sample of M.O.L.D., as well a number of other good underground bands, should pick up this month's issue of Terrorizer Magazine which includes a freecomplilation CD:

And don't forget to visit Terroizer's Site!

05.15.2016 Cry Havoc!

And set loose The DOS of War. The new album by Machines of Living Death has officially been released. To purchase visit any of the following vendors:

Official M.O.L.D. Store

CD Baby

Apple iTunes


10.01.2015 OS Compiled!

Deployment preparartions commencing! Your New World OS will be ready for installation soon!


09.03.2015 Coding Complete!

New World OS Coded! Compiling in progress!


05.05.2015 coding

New OS being coded presently. The new DOS to raze the earth.


09.09.2014 peripheral added

Machines Of Living Death would like formally introduce our new bassist Brian Forestiere. We met Brian at our most recent SideBar show, and after two weeks he was well underway to having our set squared away. We've been lucky to have great bassists who were even better human beings, and I'm proud to say that Brian continues that tradition. His punk and metal roots bring a new energy to this already kinetic ball of cybersexcrime you all know and love.... ....and believe me when I tell you, you are ready for the result. Welcome to the spore club of M.O.L.D., Brian. We are really glad to have you. Cheers to the Future. Now go show him some love....












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